Micah Group management embraces the mission of the Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) Empowerment Program of the Small Business Association providing opportunity to distressed communities.  Micah Group, a HUBZone Certified Small Business, has a strong understanding of the HUBZone program and its requirements.  The toughest HUBZone certification regulation by far is the 35% residency and 51% self-performance requirements.  As a HUBZone Contractor, Micah Group has excelled in meeting both HUBZone requirements.

Micah Group’s corporate office is located in a HUBZone region that houses multiple universities and several colleges.  The strategic location enables the firm to not only grow while meeting the HUBZone program residency requirement, but also hire the staff necessary to fulfill the self-performance requirement.

Providing self-performance Energy and Environmental  services as a HUBZone Contractor, Micah Group is able to open employment opportunities to both professionals and tradesman located in economically oppressed areas.  Since 2010, Micah Group was able to provide new HUBZone employment positions from both urban and rural HUBZone designated areas.  Additionally, Micah Group’s remediation services directly supports a wide array of project supported vendors located in HUBZone designated areas.

The company is excited about forecasted HUBZone growth, and the positive impact it has had in both its corporate community as well as communities throughout regional HUBZone locations.  Micah Group continues to work with local economic leaders, State officials and US Senators & Representatives utilizing HUBZone Federal contracting to promote strong business roots in these impacted communities.

To learn more on the HUBZone program and/or to identify how Micah Group may assist in your community, please contact Aaron Jamison, President Micah Group, at 877-260-7760 and