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Since its conception, Micah Group has been a leader in fuel tank compliance and managing facility environmental needs.  The company has closed over 4000 fuel tank systems through out the eastern region of the country, provides installation of new systems and maintains inspection and repair service lines.  Work has been performed for private property fuel station owners, bulk distributors, refinery/processing facilities, Federal government agencies, State asset managers and a wide variety of Municipalities. Currently, the company holds multi-year contracts and master service agreements with numerous private entities, corporations and Government bodies.

Micah Group delivers an in-house approach to comprehensive fuel services and maintains a network of specialty partners to supplement very specific needs.  The company owns and operates its own heavy and environmental equipment, providing competitive and responsive advantages to its Clients.  Micah Group technical staff members have over 16 years of Micah Group multi-state regulatory interface on behalf of its fuel tank Clients, both small and large.  Micah Group has taken its seasoned fuel tank Client relations to develop long term property re-use strategies with former fuel tank sites and has developed greater Community value to the property, while mitigating fuel tank related environmental concerns.

Services Offered are:

  • Property Redevelopment & Reuse
  • Facility Restoration
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Site Characterization & Remediation
  • Fuel System Install, Closure, Upgrades
  • Spill Response – Facility & Transport
  • Retail Fuel Facility Management
  • Bulk Storage Repairs, Testing & Maintenance
  • Airfield Installation Support
  • Fuel Polishing & Reuse
  • Utilization of Environmental Funding Programs