Property Revitalization

Micah Group conducts environmental restoration of facilities and properties to meet protection standards of human health and environment.  Concurrently with environmental issues comes the opportunity to enhance, redirect or re-engage property values and overall contribution to communities. Micah Group is a proactive leader in working with property owners, peers, regulators, community heads to convert what may has become a deteriorated liability to a healthy and productive component to the community.

This type of facility and property revitalization has been demonstrated by Micah Group through its projects involving subsurface soil & groundwater remediation, hazardous material abatement in buildings, historic restoration and facility decommissioning with property reuse, reconstruction, implementation of energy savings performance upgrades and instilling alternative facility operational protocols.

These items not only directly benefit the facility, owners and tenants, but also can give back to the community by assisting small business startups, sanctifying historic preservation, stimulating job creation, providing pathways to technological education and opening ideas to alternative energy uses.

Micah Group works in a broad geographic region on site specific goals but also gives counsel for programmatic initiatives to specific communities seeking property reuse and economic regional employment target goals.  One of Micah Group’s specific environmental & energy redevelopment programs is targeted to rural areas of Kentucky is Kentucky Brownfields. More can be found at its website

Please contact Aaron Jamison, President, on how Micah Group could provide value to achieving long term site and community goals.  He can be reached at 877-260-7760 and

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